Fiscal Therapy - March 2024 Edition

Your Monthly Dose of Financial Wisdom for Healthcare Professionals

Empower Your Financial Future with Andwise

Dear Andwise Community,

In an era where financial challenges uniquely confront healthcare professionals, Andwise introduces transformative tools to secure your financial well-being. We're thrilled to unveil our Student Loan Management tool and Contract Analyzer, designed to simplify and enhance your financial management, regardless of your career stage.

Our Student Loan Management tool offers personalized strategies, leveraging technology to optimize repayment plans and navigate loan forgiveness programs, tailored to your unique financial landscape. The Contract Analyzer empowers you to approach employment contracts with confidence, simplifying legal jargon and highlighting key terms to ensure fair compensation for your dedication and expertise.

Andwise is committed to supporting you through every financial milestone, from residency to retirement. Our platform combines sophisticated technology with expert insights, fostering a community where financial empowerment and professional dedication thrive together.

Embrace these tools and join us on a journey towards financial clarity and success, allowing you to focus more on what matters most—your patients and your career.

Warm Regards,
Kanav Jain
Co-founder and CEO, Andwise

What We’re Reading 📚️ 

Compiled by Tanya Frias, CFP®.

  1. The 3 best pieces of money advice I've ever received by Jennifer Streaks, Business Insider: Drawing on a decade of financial journalism, the author shares the top three money management tips gleaned from numerous experts.

  2. Looking for a Lower Credit Card Interest Rate? Good Luck. by Ann Carrns, The New York Times: The landscape of credit card interest rates is complex, with smaller banks and credit unions often offering more competitive rates than their larger counterparts. However, navigating this terrain is made difficult by online comparison tools that skew towards cards from bigger banks.

  3. Capital Gains Tax: What It Is, How It Works, and Current Rates by Jason Fernando, Investopedia: The article provides a comprehensive overview of capital gains tax, explaining its application on profits from investments like stocks, real estate, and collectibles. It outlines the distinction between short-term and long-term capital gains, their respective tax rates, and strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

  4. Here's Where Venture Capitalists Are Putting Their Money in 2024 by Vitaly Gerko, Entrepreneur Magazine: As 2024 unfolds, venture capital trends are shifting, with investors increasingly cautious, seeking opportunities in industries poised for growth despite global economic challenges.

New Andwise Member Resources 📩

Documentation Checklist for 2023 Tax Filing

As we embark on a new tax season, it's paramount to ensure our financial affairs are in order for smooth and accurate filing. To aid in this endeavor, we've crafted a concise yet comprehensive 2023 Tax Filings Checklist. This checklist will serve as your guide to gathering all necessary documents and information required for completing your tax return efficiently. To download the full checklist, click the image above.